Radio National Big Ideas
Paul Barclay talks about economic prosperity, the economics of climate change and stranded assets. Jemma Green gives a talk on what stranded assets are

How Baselines are Determined for Carbon Trading Schemes
Jemma Green talks with Babs McHugh about how baselines could be determined within the proposed Direct Action climate policy

Infrastructure Prioritization
Gary Adshead interviews Jemma Green about tourism attractions and decorative infrastructure being prioritized over essential infrastructure like light rail. Green notes that WA Tourism Council CEO Eva

Financing Transport Infrastructure more Efficiently
In this interview Jemma Green discusses alternative ways of financing transport infrastructure than the Productivity Commissions

Loopholes in Direct Action Climate Plan
In this interview  with Babs McHugh, Jemma talks about the design of the Direct Action policy, who will benefit, who will pay. Jemma has raised concerns

Synopsis of the Direct Action Climate Plan
Jemma Green recently wrote an article for The Conversation outlining her concerns with the Federal Coalition Governments Direct Action Policy

Viable Transit Solutions for Growing Perth Congestion
In this interview with Jemma Green, Barry Nicholls discusses how the size of Perth is greater than that of Los Angeles and Tokyo

Equitable Financing Systems for Roads and Public Transport
In this interview, Paul Murray discusses with Jemma Green fuel excise, user pays systems and congestion on our roads

Climate Change Commission closure
Andy Snelling talks with Jemma Green about the decision by the federal government to abolish the body responsible for communicating issues relating

Transport and Housing are Intimately Related
In this interview, with Jenny Seaton and Jemma Green, we explore the relationship between how cities are designed: the relationship

Paid Parking at Train Stations in Perth
Jemma talks about the need to transition from driving our cars to stations to using buses, to get away from building ever more car parks.

Perth’s Public Transport is well Below National Averages
This interview looks at transport in Perth compared to the rest of Australia. Perth has less bike lanes, less buses and

Radio National Big Ideas – Is the nation riding on the back of WA
This radio examine the stresses, strains and challenges ahead for the nation and the WA business and social model. How much does the nation rest on

Big Ideas for Australia
How much does the nation rest on commodities prosperity? To what extent are we even thinking about the next stage of the minerals wealth cycle