Paying for infrastructure means using ‘land value capture’, but does it also mean more tax?

The Conversation 4th May 2016

World’s first zero carbon neighbourhood planned for WA

Architecture & Design 14th April 2016

Battery storage trials launched

Business News 13th April 2016

Citizen utility: Housing estate to offer solar, storage and EVs to residents

Onestepoffthegrid 13th April 2016

Western Power’s poles and wires risk losing value as solar surges in popularity, analysts say

ABC News 9th January 2016

WA’s rooftop solar so popular power privatisation not an option, says expert

Theguardian 6th January 2016

Perth first homebuyers rate sustainability, solar highly

Perth Now 3rd December 2015

Perth firm’s plan to turn coconuts into electricity in Micronesia

ABC News 3rd December 2015

Minister feels heat of solar flare-up

The West Australian 2nd December 2015

Barnett’s $1.5b pitch to turnbull

New flats take a shine to solar

Yahoo News 23rd September 2015

Disruptive forces threaten to unplu synergy

Turnbull backs cities of the future

WA Business News 25th September 2015

Alinta to sell solar systems to WA households

ABC News 28th August 2015

Road Toll Charges Inevitable 

The West Australian 15th August 2015

Fears for Australia’s mining towns as residents flee after the boom 22nd August 2015

How to keep WA growing post mining boom

The Fifth Estate 20th August 2015

Gold Coast shows potential light rail benefits for Perth

Community News 11th August 2015

We Are the Mods!

The Perth Voice, 23 July 2015

Welcome to 2050: Here’s what the planet has in store

The Age 12th July 2015

Battery revolution set to transform energy sector

Sydney Morning Herald News 3rd July 2015

Another WA housing estate to trial solar + storage via ‘shared strata’ model

Renew Economy 19 June 2015

Green energy for White Gum Valley development ‘an Australian first’, to benefit residents and investors

ABC 17th June 2015

Solar power revolution underway in WA as households take advantage of sunny skies

Perth Now 1st June 2015

Life off the grid not fully charged

Nine MSN 21st May 2015

Looking ahead with infill choices

WA Business News 4th May 2015

Designed for the future: Practical ideas for a sustainable world

Book, Princeton Architectural Press 23rd April 2015

The suburban dream: Time’s up

St James Ethics Centre 20th April 2015

Celebration for law firm

The Echo, 20th April 2015

Are buses really better? Experts disagree over Perth’s transport woes

ABC 17th April 2015

Safe as houses: Why the bubble is no trouble

The Australian, 11th April 2015

Manufactured Buildings Build Australia

Build Australia First Edition 2015

Barnett government’s $ high tech bus plan slammed

The Sunday Times 8th March 2015

Researcher question Transport Minister’s study trip to Las Vegas

ABC 5th March 2015

Power to grow

The Griffith Review: Looking West 16 February 2015

Building opportunities in affordable housing

Business News 2nd February 2015

Australia’s mining boom ebbs along with China’s economy

Seattle Times 17th January 2015

Western Australia’s mining boom ebbs along with China’s economy

LA Times 11th January 2015

OPEC v oil prices: how the world’s biggest oil cartel lost its power

The Conversation 3rd December 2014

WA company developing new technology to access lithium as demand for batteries to store renewable energy grows

ABC 3rd December 2014

Senator David Leyonhejlm declares ‘coal is king’ as he launches attack on anti-coal activists

ABC 26th November 2014

Prefab, modular and sustainable homes

The Australian 21st November 2014

Jemma Green on why carbon is being sidelined

The Fifth Estate 18th November 2014

Deal puts fossil fuels on notice

The West Australian 18 November 2014

Breaking the grid-lock of Australia’s power companies

The Saturday paper 1st November 2014

Palmer deal gives green light to Direct Action

The Conversation 29th October 2014

ANU’s resources blacklist: social activism, or the shape of things to come? 

The Conversation 13th October 2014

Australia’s first fossil fuel free super fund launched

Sydney Morning Herald 4th September 2014

Fossil fuel free super fund tests investor ethics

The Australian Financial Review 4th September 2014

Australian state to sell around $2bn in assets as mine boom ends

Share Net 28th August 2014

Dont let Western Australian mining towns become ghost towns, Pilbara report warns

The Sydney Morning Herald 23 August 2014

End of Australia’s mining boom threatens Pilbara Cities plan

The Financial Times 20th August 2014

Highrise housing takes shape in ten days

West Australian Media Network. 25th July 2014

Australia repeals carbon tax

Grist 17 July 2014

Carbon tax repealed experts respond

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Mining boom bust could leave Pilbara littered with ghost towns

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Pilbara ghost town fears

The West Australian. 23rd May 2014

Federal budget 2014: Infrastructure experts react

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Run on existing homes

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Direct Action policy still leaves loopholes open for big polluters

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Why the carbon tax should stay 

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WA stands alone in desire for stand alone houses

Residential West. 25th February 2014

Build up not out says researcher 

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Building a housing industry from the relics of a car industry

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Academic questions Direct Action emissions standards

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Research shows Australians still prefer big blocks, despite the cost

ABC. 21st January 2014

Three major loopholes in Direct Action climate plan

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Sustainable and affordable housing in Perth: why it matters to our economy

The Fifth Estate. 12th December 2013

Transport costs weight heavily

Joondalup Weekender. 28th November 2013

Federals faff with carbon West Australian emissions skyrocket

The Conversation. 28th October 2013 and also in The Climate Spectator

Rocky road ahead

See p.31 in Renewable Energy Focus. October 2013

Congestion needs a mini solution

The Courier Mail. 10th September 2013

City of Perth fears light rail in pedestrian malls

ABC. 30th August 2013

Wellington street ruled out for light rail  online and also in the print edition with full graphic

The West Australian. 30th August 2013

Division over paid parking

Eastern Suburbs Reporter. 21st August 2013

Perth divided on paid parking

Canning Times. 20th August 2013

Parking fees anger

Stirling Times. 20th August 2013

Paid parking will upset people

Joondalup Times. 13th August 2013

Fee hits all commuters

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State government to extend paid parking at train stations

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Perth congested by a lack of realism

The Age. 31st July 2013

Your suburb Your voice

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Sea containers in green village mix

Perth Now. 13th April 2013

Perth’s urban sprawl at breaking point

Perth Now. 13th April 2013

Green Dream

Sunday Times. 14th April 2013