Local heroes


Local heroes

Elena Douglas

Elena is the convenor at University of Western Australia’s Social Sector Finance Institute. She is also a regular OpEd contributor for the Australian Financial Review whilst doing a PhD looking at history. We spoke with Elena about some of the thinking behind her work and what makes Western Australia unique from a philanthropy perspective.

Ray Wills

Ray Wills is the founder of Future Smart Strategies and an Adjunct Professor at University of Western Australia. Ray is one of these people that understands the nexus between complex issues like energy, transport and economics. Find out more about Ray here.

Martijn Wilder AM

Martijn Wilder is a partner at law firm Baker & Mackenzie, who is the most imminent thinker and practitioner on climate change and law having egal pioneer in the development of legal mechanisms and regulations underpinning the emergence of international carbon and broader environmental markets.

Peter Newman AO

Professor Peter Newman AO is the Director for Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute and one of the Godfather’s of sustainability in Australia. For more than four decades Peter’s research has influenced policy and industry ranging from the way our cities are designed to how we move people to and from them. He’s the wizard behind calculating the economic benefits of transport in Australia. We love Peter as he is one of the main reason’s why Perth’s rail exists today and has expanded at a rate faster than anywhere else in Australia.

Ross Garnaut AO

Professor Ross Garnaut is Australia’s equivalent of Sir Nicholas Stern, an economist, having written The Garnaut reports of 2008 and 2011, looking at the economics of climate change for Australia. Garnaut has also had an extensive career in the private sector holding several board positions and helping steer companies to greater strengths.