CEDA What’s on WA’s Energy Agenda 15th July 2016

City Switch Perth 30th June 2016

PEAC Kingsley 27th June 2016

WA Angel Investors 24th June 2016

Green Building Council Australia Green Building Days 23rd June 2016

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre WA In the Spotlight 17th June 2016

Australian Water Association Industry Breakfast 9th June 2016

Mirabooka Senior HIgh School Pitch Off June 2016

Property Council June 2016

Gen XY on Boards 7th May 2016

CSIRO 6th May 2016

Grattan Institute 4th May 2016

Deloitte Energy 4th May 2016

Smart Cities Summit 29th April 2016

Property Council Breakfast on Energy 4th March 2016

Sable Connections 13th November 2015

National Housing Conference 28th October 2015

Eastern Hills Senior High School Year 12 Graduation Valedictory Talk 21st October 2015

IGCC Conference panel on stranded assets 7th October 2015

Perth as a City of Innovation talk on Disruptive Innvoation 21st September 2015

The West Australian Building Commission talk on Modular Construction 10th September 2015

Landcorp and Property Council Solar & battery in strata launch with speaking notes here 9th September 2015

Heirisson Rotary  Liveable Cities talk with speaking notes here 24th July 2015

UWA Climate Change Law & Emissions Trading Course 17th July 2015

Balance Group Battery Launch Event with speaking notes here 3rd June 2015

Aegle Disclosure Symposium, Disclosure & Transparency, with speaking notes here, Perth, 18th March 2015

AHURI Symposium, Disruptive Innovation & Affordable Housing, Hobart, Tasmania, 16th February 2015

EIVP and Curtin Sustainable Cities Conference Disruptive innovation and stranded assets at Ecole des Ingénieurs de la Ville de Paris, 5th February 2015

The Carbon Bubble with John Hewson and Ross Garnaut with speaking notes here and video footage here at Melbourne University 17th November 2014

Women leading the movement: Unlocking our sustainable future with speaking notes here 13th October 2014

National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) 11th September 2014

CUSP Climate Policy Lecture Stranded Assets 5th August 2014‏

Uniting Church Conference Global mega trends and what it means to Perth 27th July 2014

JazCorp Low Cost and Low Carbon Housing 19th July 2014

AHURI Low Cost and Low Carbon Housing 14th July 2014

University of Melbourne Making Your Money Fossil Free  event Stranded Assets presentation 3rd June 2014

Curtin University Six Sustainable Stories 29th May 2014 Sustainable transport systems

Landcorp Presentation Global inter-dependence and its relevance to Australia 14th May 2014

International Taxi Conference Sustainable transport systems: Perth in the new economy 21st April 2014

Cambridge University – Programme For Sustainability Leadership Global inter-dependence and its relevance to Australia 3rd March 2014

Stranded Assets talk for Carbon Tracker with John Hewson and Ben Caldecott Coal is as old as the hills. But could it be too old? with speaking notes 27th March 2014

JazCorp Low cost and low carbon living: the impossible Australian dream? 12th December 2013

MENSA Annual Conference 23rd November 2013 Presentation: Low cost and low carbon housing – the impossible Australian dream?

Shelter Low Cost and Low Carbon Housing Workshop  22nd October 2013

Cleantech Network keynote 18th September 2013 Low cost and low carbon housing: the impossible Australian dream?

World Renewable Energy Congress 15th July 2013 Low cost and low carbon housing: the impossible Australian dream?

Economist Magazine – Global Cities Index Expert Panel: ‘Perth City Portrait’ Australia and New Zealand Green City Index: Perth Urban Islands in a Rural Sea 19th April 2013

Urban Development Institute of Australia, ‘UDIA Conference: Global Mega Trends’ 19th April 2013 Presentation: ‘It’s not dense, it is clever: getting high and smaller in Perth’