What we do


What we do


Clarity to the difficult issues

There is no doubt sustainability is high up on the agenda for business and government.

But resolving the knotty complex and contradictory issues is far from easy.

What are the correct facts, the real relationships, the right way to think about things? Things often seem simple but hide a myriad of complex detail.

At the Green Enterprise, we resolve and bring clarity and understanding wherever there is a muddiness or a lack of understanding to this difficult area.

We are dedicated to helping infrastructure specialists, energy, transport and housing planners and economists get with the issues.

The Green Enterprise can help anyone planning for the future in these areas.

We are a team of consultants who broadcast, publish, disseminate and write about all the issues which keep you awake at night.

We have our own fact checking unit. We publish lectures and events and are available as a consultancy.

Our aim is to help Australia make the right choices, not just now and next year, but in the big picture, which is what sustainability is all about.